Son of Horse Trainer Doug O’Neill Was a Total Gangsta at the 2013 Kentucky Derby (GIF)

doug o'neill's gangta son

Last year, the horse trained by Doug O’Neill won the Kentucky Derby. That horse, of course, was I’ll Have Another, and he then went on to win the Preakness before pulling out of the Belmont at the last minute.

Unfortunately, his success didn’t turn O’Neill into a rock star in the world of horse racing. Rather, it helped turn him into a bit of a pariah, the poster boy for questionable training practices and PED abuse. The National Thoroughbred Racing Association called his record “inexcusable,” and the Human Society denounced him.

So is Doug O’Neill a scumbag horse trainer? I have no idea. I’ll let the experts debate that. What I do know, however, is that the lashing he took in the press after last year’s success has not dampened the spirits of his son. Because on Saturday at Churchill Downs, during the pre-race walk of the horses from the stables to the starting gates at the 2013 Kentucky Derby, there was Doug O’Neill’s son, wearing a pimped-out hipster suit and acting like the cockiest, most gangsta son-of-a-thoroughbred-trainer you’ve ever seen.

Take a look:

doug o'neill's son at kentucky derby 2013

That’s some impressive bravado, wouldn’t you say? Unfortunately, it was also misguided. O’Neill was not the trainer for Orb, the winner of the Derby. He was the trainer for Goldencents…who finished third-last. Oops.

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