There Was a Kayak Selling Hot Dogs in McCovey Cove During the Giants-Dodgers Game Last Night (Video)

kayak selling hot dogs at mccovey cove at&t park

The San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park is famous for a number of reasons. Its picturesque setting and rabid fan base make it one of the best ballparks to take in a game. It’s the place where Barry Bonds made his historic steroid-fueled assault on baseball’s home run record. It’s the place where fans chiseled a plaque off an outfield wall commemorating that assault. And, of course, it’s got McCovey’s Cove beyond the right field wall, where people hang out in kayaks (or occasionally, jet packs) awaiting home run balls.

Well, on Sunday night, with the rival Dodgers in town to play the Giants, AT&T Park was the site of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball. So the folks over at ESPN decided to have a little fun by putting a hot dog vender in a kayak and sending him out into McCovey Cove to feed the hungry kayaking fans.

Have a look:

I have to say, despite the fact that there is pretty much nothing spontaneous or authentic about this photo opp—the kayak and umbrella have ESPN’s logos and slogans all over it, and he sells a hot dog to at least one person who’s obviously affiliated with the Giants—it’s still pretty amusing.

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