Dangerous Winds Cause Soccer Net To Steamroll a Fan in Norway (Video)

goal blows away at norwegian soccer game

When I was a kid playing soccer, the most exciting thing about playing in championship games was getting goals with nets on them. We never had that luxury during league games because, yes, it was a pretty pitiful league. But for interleague championship games they pulled out all the stops, and we felt like pros.

Why do I tell this personal anecdote? Because I suspect the guys who play for low-level soccer clubs in Norway must feel the exact same way. If they advance to the later rounds of the Norwegian Cup competition, they get to play good teams on good fields with goals that are actually attached to the ground. However, in the early phases of the competition, where you just have third and second-tier clubs, things can be a little bush-league.

Last Thursday, for example, during a Norwegian Cup game between second-tier Kristiansund BK and third-tier Levanger FK, conditions were so windy that one of the goals blew away and bowled over a spectator. You know, because the goals were on wheels and not planted into the ground, like they would be at any normal soccer facility.

Take a look:

Actually, come to think of it, these conditions might actually be worse than those I had to endure as a kid. Our goals might not have had nets, but they never blew away, either.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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