Female Spurs Fan Has Busy Hands (Video)

spurs fan handsy

With just four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, it appeared as though the Golden State Warriors were in complete control of Game One of their Western Conference Semifinal series against the San Antonio Spurs.  They were leading by a score of 104-88 at the time, and Stephen Curry was on fire.

But the Spurs quickly turned the tide, going on an 18-2 run at the end of regulation to send the game into overtime.  And they would complete the comeback in the second extra frame, earning the 129-127 victory, and a 1-0 series lead.

That unexpected turn of events was enough to get almost every Spurs fan at the AT&T Center excited.  And while most of those excited individuals were able to control that excitement and conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, one female Spurs fan wasn’t, as she relieved her excitement by nearly relieving her boyfriend of his…ummm, “excitement,” as well.

Oh, and it was all caught on live television. Check it out:

And to think, that was only after winning Game One of the Western Conference Semi-Finals.  Could you imagine what this guy will be in for if the Spurs win the NBA Championship?  He may want to buy himself a few ice packs.

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