Matt Kemp Gives His Gear to a Dodgers Fan “Fighting a Tough Battle” (Video)

matt kemp class act

There are certain individuals that you’d always like to have on your side, both in sports, and in life.  Matt Kemp is one of them.

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder showed why he is a great guy to have on your team in sports when he stood up for teammate Zack Greinke during a bench-clearing brawl against the San Diego Padres earlier this season.  And he showed why he’s a great guy to have on your side in life following Sunday’s game against the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park.

The Giants had just beat the Dodgers by a score of 4-3, completing the three-game sweep of their bitter rivals.  But not even the sour feeling of a four-game losing streak was going to stop Matt Kemp from cheering up Joshua Jones and making his day.

You see, Joshua is a Dodgers fan that, as his friend who uploaded the video to YouTube described it, is “fighting a tough battle.”  He was in attendance to watch Sunday’s game and shortly after the final out was recorded, he was greeted by Kemp, who gave Joshua a signed ball…and his hat…and his shirt…and his shoes.

The YouTube uploader and friend of Joshua described it all by saying that the gesture from Kemp “made one of my best friends’ night :).”

Thanks Matt Kemp, for being such a class act and putting a smile on Joshua’s face, and ours.

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