The Paul MacLean Doppelganger Is Back, and this Time He’s Behind the Opposing Team’s Bench (Video)

paul maclean doppleganger

Is it just me, or are NHL teams taking playoff gamesmanship to a whole new level these days? Last year, during the Stanley Cup Finals between the Kings and Devils, adult film star Taylor Stevens and her rather impressive rack somehow ended up right behind Devils coach Peter DeBoer. Of course, some may say that was just a coincidence. But you have to admit it’s at least possible that she was planted there as a distraction.

Now the Ottawa Senators are getting into the distraction business. However, for Game 4 of their opening round playoff series against the Canadiens, they didn’t put a buxom blonde behind Montreal coach Michael Therrian. Instead, they got the doppelganger of Ottawa coach Paul MacLean.

Take a look:

How about that, huh?

Seem like a funny coincidence? Um, no. We’ve seen the Paul MacLean doppelganger before. He showed up at a Senators game earlier this season sitting right behind the Senators’ bench, and the cameras caught a couple of official-looking people escorting him away from his seats. At first, a lot of people on the internet were outraged because it seemed as though the folks at Scotiabank Place were kicking him out of the game. However, it turned out that the people who pulled the doppelganger aside were actually team officials asking the guy if he’d like to work for them. Seriously.

So here we are in the playoffs, and there’s Paul MacLean’s doppelganger sitting behind the Canadiens bench.

Well played, Senators. Well played.

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