Florida Lawyer Runs Radio Ad Begging the Jaguars to Sign Tim Tebow (Video)

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The vast majority of NFL analysts simply do not thing that Tim Tebow has the tools to be a successful NFL quarterback. And of course, for fans in most NFL cities the guy is just a circus sideshow. In Denver, the NFL’s only living saint had his fans, but also plenty of doubting Thomases. And in New York, while there were fans screaming for Tebow to take over for Mark Sanchez last year, you know that none of Tebow’s charitable actions would have mattered to them once he started throwing interceptions.

Now, of course, Tebow has been released by the Jets and is currently looking to take his quarterbacking talents elsewhere, however great or feeble they may be. Unfortunately, his options appear very limited.

That being said, there is one logical place for Tim Tebow to play: his home town of Jacksonville, Florida. Tebow is a rockstar in Northern Florida, being the outspoken born-again Christian who led the nearby Florida Gators to two National Championships. So the fans adore him. Moreover, the Jaguars have been absolutely terrible in recent years, and they can’t seem to figure out their quarterback situation.

So it’s gotta be Tebow-time in Jacksonville, right? Well, one local lawyer certainly thinks so. His name in John Morgan, he’s a graduate of the University of Florida School of Law, and now he’s made a one-minute radio ad urging the Jaguars’ owner to sign Tim Tebow…”for the people.”

Take a listen:

So what do you think? Will Tebow end up in Jacksonville? Will he end up anywhere?

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