Novak Djokovic Had Some Choice (Filthy Serbian) Words for Fans at the Madrid Open (Video)

novak djokovic curses at crowd

Novak Djokovic is usually one of the most affable, fun-loving guys in pro tennis. If he’s not playing pranks on reporters he’s wearing a Darth Vader mask, wearing a wig and pretending to be Maria Sharapova, or donning a pair of nipple tassels. So frankly, it’s kind of hard to imagine the guy losing his cool and popping off at a fan.

That being said, today we’ve got a video for you of Novak Djokovic losing his cool and popping off at a fan. And apparently, when this typically nice guy finally snaps, it’s a clean break.

At the Madrid Open this week, Djokovic had a tough time against Bulgarian Gregor Dimitrov. And when the crowd turned on the guy and started rooting for his opponent in the second, he let them know he didn’t appreciate it.

Take a look:

Now, I don’t happen to speak Serbian, and chances are you don’t either. However, according to the internet, which is always 100% correct, jolly old Novak told the crowd, “now you will lick my c**k.”

So…wow. What happened to the Djoker’s sense of humor there?

Hat Tip – [Guyism]

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