Stat Line of the Night — 5/8/2013 — David Krejci

david krejci boston bruins hat trick

Any time an athlete does something that gets 5,000 people to throw $125,000 worth of hats on the ice, it’s pretty special. When you get them to do it during the playoffs? Well, that’s even better. Of course, in the case of the Boston Bruins’ David Krejci, these hats were figurative and not literal. The Bruins were playing in Toronto last night when Krejci’s third goal of the game beat the Leafs and gave the Bruins a commanding 3-1 series lead heading back to Boston. But you get the idea.

The six-year NHL veteran from the Czech Republic isn’t a stranger to strong playoff performances despite less-than-impressive regular season point totals. Two years ago, in 2011, Krejci notched 12 goals and 23 points in 25 playoff games, leading the Bruins in both categories en route to the Stanley Cup. However, last year Krejci was a little off his game. The Washington Capitals held him to only three measly points in their seven-game opening round series, and the defending champs got sent packing early.

Obviously, coming in to their opening round series, the Maple Leafs were definitely hoping to get 2012 Krejci and not 2011 Krejci. Unfortunately for them, that’s not how things are working out. Last night Krejci’s three tallies, including the overtime winner, put the Leafs on the brink.

Is it fair to give Krejci all the credit and leave out the contributions of his linemates, Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic? No, probably not. But hey, if you get the goals, you get the glory. So it’s Krejci and his playoff hat trick that earn “The Stat Line of the Night” for Wednesday, May 8, 2013.

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