There Were Some UFOs in McCovey Cove Outside AT&T Park Yesterday (Videos)

ufo in mccovey cove

Apparently, the San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park is a magnet for the bizarre and mysterious. Since the start of last season, we’ve just seen one weird thing after another go down in and around that place. And no, I’m not exaggerating, either. Last year, during Matt Cain’s incredible perfect game, there was some guy flying around McCovey Cove with a water-powered jet pack. Then, this year, there was the mystery of the vanishing Barry Bonds home run plaque, which was followed a few weeks later by the kayaking hot dog vender.

Now, is any of that stuff Twilight Zone weird? No, not really. But for MLB ballparks these things are unusual.

So what crazy thing do we have for you today? Oh, not much. Just a couple of UFOs flying around out in McCovey Cove.

Take a look:

Crazy hover crafts and floating UFOs? Yep, they’d be strange sites at any other ballpark in the league, but in San Francisco they are (to mix in a golf metaphor) par for the course.

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