Sidney Crosby Scores Highlight Reel Goal Reminiscent of Another Legendary Penguins Playoff Goal (Videos)

amazing crosby goal against islanders playoffs

The mighty Pittsburgh Penguins haven’t torn the New York Islanders limb from limb in their opening round playoff series the way most people probably assumed they would. In fact, after winning Game 1 without their best player—one Sidney Crosby—the Penguins then went and lost two of their next three games, causing some to speculate that the Penguins might actually be better off without Mr. The Kid.

However, anyone who really thought that is an idiot. The problem with the Penguins was the slide of swiss cheese they had in net, Marc-Andre Fleurry, and now the he’s been replaced by Tomas Vokoun, the Penguins and Crosby look ready to roll.

Need evidence of this? Well, look no further than this world-class goal Crosby scored during last night’s 4-0 romp:

Does that look familiar to you at all? Well maybe that’s because it’s strikingly similar to another incredible playoff goal scored by a legendary Pittsburgh Penguins player:

Was Sid’s defense-splitting goal on par with the one scored by Mario Lemieux in the 1991 Stanely Cup Finals? No, not quite. Crosby is a grittier superstar playing in a grittier NHL. But you certainly can’t ignore the resemblance.

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