We Now Know the Identify of the Lady Who Gave Joakim Noah the Finger in Miami

miami head finger lady joakim noah

The Chicago Bulls pulled off a surprising victory against the Miami Heat in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal playoff series. But Game 2? Yeah, that was rough. LeBron James and company absolutely trounced their opponents, 115-78, and as if that wasn’t enough, Bulls center Joakim Noah was subjected to a very noteworthy obscene gesture as he left the court.

I am talking, of course, about the incident captured in the above photo, which you have probably already seen floating around the internet—an incident that really doesn’t need much of a description because it’s exactly what it looks like.

So who is that classy lady giving Noah the middle finger at point blank range? Well, various reporters and the internet investigated that question, and it turns out she’s not just any old obnoxious Miami sports nut. She’s Filomena Tobias, the widow of deceased CNBC financial expert Seth Tobias and the subject of some pretty wild allegations.

You see, Seth Tobias drowned in his backyard swimming pool back in 2008, and afterward some of the guy’s friends and former employees claimed Filomena was a pill-popping coke-head who killed her husband for his $25 million estate. Of course, police eventually cleared the woman as a suspect in her husband’s death, which is why she’s making obscene gestures at NBA playoff games and not in prison. But those kinds of claims tend to stick with you. (As evidenced by this very post.)

Oh, and that guy next to her? That’s her fiancé, who apparently is the vice president of an Atlanta-based wealth management firm.

Congratulations, buddy. She’s quite a catch.

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