Disturbing Image: Mark Fraser’s CT Scan After Taking Slap Shot to the Face (Photo)

mark fraser slap shot to face
Remember last week when we told you about how Maple Leafs defenseman Mark Fraser took a slap shot to the face during Toronto’s Game 4 loss to the Boston Bruins?

Well, it turns out that the injury was pretty much just as bad as it looked. As we told you as the time, Fraser was transported immediately to a Toronto hospital for a CT scan. Now someone has released what they are claiming is Fraser’s actual CT scan…and it is terrifying.

Take a look:

mark fraser ct scan
Can we verify that this is in fact the actual CT scan of Fraser’s face? Probably not at this point, no. However, it does match everything we know. Up at the top fright you see “Fraser Mar..” and “St. Micha…”, which would be the beginning of “St. Michael’s”, a hospital in downtown Toronto. Moreover, we know for a fact that Fraser had surgery last Thursday to repair a cranial fracture, and that he is done for the season. So this is either the actual image of Fraser’s cracked noggin, or somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to make it look like it.

Of course, if this image is legit, there’s probably somebody who used to work in the imaging department over at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto who is now looking for work. I think hospitals tend to frown on employees divulging the private medical information of the patients.

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