The 9 Most Infamous Blown Calls in MLB History

MLB blown calls

We’re only six weeks into the 2013 MLB season, and already we’ve seen umpires blow a number of calls that have had real impacts on the outcomes of games. Are the umpires somehow worse than they used to be? Probably not. The increase in the number of bad calls probably has more to do with our ability to perceive them—things like HD television and pitch-trackers—than a decline in umpiring ability. Still, that doesn’t make them any easier for fans to swallow, and it certainly does feel like expanded use of instant replay is just over the horizon…finally.

In any case, in light of all the terrible calls we’ve seen so far this season, today we’re going to take a look at the most infamous blown calls in MLB history. After all, though we see more terrible calls today than we used to, they are nothing new. Human error is and always will be a part of the game, and not even instant replay is going to change that. (Just see number three if you don’t believe me.) So sit back, grab a fresh cup of coffee, and be prepared to re-live your frustrations all over again.

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