The Guy Sitting Next to Elisha Cuthbert at Game 4 of Leafs-Bruins Wants You to Know “It Wasn’t Him” (Pics)


Well, that little situation involving a death stare from April Reimer that was supposedly not directed at Elisha Cuthbert just went from amusing to hilarious.

You remember what happened, right? After Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf coughed up a puck that led to the Boston Bruins’ game-winning goal in Game 4 of their first round playoff series, the wife of Leafs goalie James Reimer turned around and gave the nastiest look over her left shoulder. And sitting right there behind and to the left of Mrs. Reimer was none other than Elisha Cuthbert, the fiancée of Phaneuf, so lots of people started salivating at the prospect of a juicy hot hockey WAG catfight.

Unfortunately, April Reimer tried to rain on our parade afterward by taking to Twitter to insist that her death stare was intended for “the jerk beside” them, using the hashtag #rudecomment. And since that’s a pretty plausible explanation, you would have thought that would be the end to this story. But it wasn’t.

Last night at Game 6 in Toronto, the guy sitting right behind and to the left of April Reimer wanted to make sure everyone know he wasn’t “the jerk” who made the rude comment. So he wore a blue t-shirt with white letters that read “It Wasn’t Me #rudecomment” on it.

it wasn't me #rudecomment leafs reimer wife elisha cuthbert

Yep, that’s awesome.

So who is this t-shirt-wearing social media genius? Well, here’s a look at who was sitting next to Cuthbert and Reimer at Game 4:

cuthbert reimer stare

Now, if Reimer’s story is true, then I’d say whoever made the rude comment is to Cuthbert’s left. Meanwhile, the guy wearing the t-shirt at Game 6 is in the seat of the guy sitting to Cuthbert’s right at Game 4. And since whoever made the shirt had to know exactly where his ticket was located, my money is on that guy—the one in the plaid shirt.

Of course, if it’s not that guy, then I guess at the next Leafs game he’ll be wearing a shirt that says “I wasn’t wearing the ‘It wasn’t me’ t-shirt.”

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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