This Might Be the Worst Ceremonial First Pitch Ever (Video)

worst ceremonial first pitch ever

We’ve seen some pretty awful ceremonial first pitches in recent years. Some of them came from rather attractive women, in which case everyone pretty much got the results they expected. Others came from elite athletes who you would have thought could do better. But none of these, however, really merited consideration for “worst ceremonial first pitch of all-time.”

The one you’re about to see does.

It comes to us from a recent Stetson University baseball game against Florida State, and doing the honors is some guy named John Bledsoe, the vice president of some insurance company. While the PA announcer explains who he is and makes a vain attempt to make the crown give a rat’s you-know-what, Bledsoe saunters up to the mound and gets ready for the pitch. Then he winds up, starts his motion, and…the ball bounces a foot in front of him, goes 90º to his left, and he tumbles to the ground.

It’s utterly brutal, and yet, oh so hilarious. Take a look:

Nice going, John Beldsoe. That guy Tom Willis doesn’t have any arms and even he got the ball over the plate. What’s your excuse?

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