Dwyane Wade Wore a Ladies Pantsuit to the United Center Last Night (Video)

dwyane wade wearing capri pants

We’re used to seeing the superstars on the Miami Heat in fancy suits by Versace and Gucci. Last night in Chicago, however, we saw one of them in a fancy suit by Ann Taylor.

The culprit? That would be Dwyane Wade.

Now, in fairness, Wade has to try pretty hard to keep up with teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh in the fashion department. Those two are among the most stylish guys in the NBA. However, lately D-Wade has been trying a little too hard, and he’s definitely crossed over the line from “cutting edge” to “ridiculous.” Last week, for example, he wore this jacket from a Versace runway show at the postgame press conference:

dwyane wade versace jacket

Now, last night, Wade showed up to the United Center for Game 4 against his hometown Chicago Bulls wearing a polka dotted suit with capri pants and loafers.

Here’s a clip with a great shot of the pants and loafers:

And here’s one in which you can better see the polka dots:

Hey Dwyane, Hillary Clinton called. She wants her pantsuit back.

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