LFL Player Celebrates Tackle By Twerking On Opponent’s Head (Video)

lfl twerk dance

Here’s a tackle dance that you probably won’t be seeing during an NFL game anytime soon.

It’s the twerk-on-your-opponent’s-head tackle dance, and it was showcased by Ogom Chijindu of the LFL‘s Los Angeles Temptation, following a tackle on  Riki Creger-Zier of the Seattle Mist.

Check it out:

That’s probably the first time you’ve seen someone celebrate a tackle by twerking, and it is also probably the first time you’ve seen a player celebrate a tackle on a play that gained five yards and a first down.

So, yeah, Ogom knows how to celebrate a tackle.  She just doesn’t quite know when to celebrate a tackle.  I’m sure the coaches can work on that with her.

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