Behold, the Saddest Toronto Maple Leafs Fan You Will See All Day (Video)

sad leafs bro

Watching your team blow a three-goal lead midway through the third period, and a two-goal lead with less than 1:30 remaining in regulation is not easy, especially when it comes during Game 7 of their first NHL playoff series in nine years.

Toronto Maple Leafs fans had to deal with such heartbreak following their epic collapse in Game 7 against the Boston Bruins last night.  And needless to say, their fans weren’t taking the loss all that well, especially this dude, who couldn’t believe that after all of the hard work and resilience his Leafs displayed, they could simply throw it all away in a matter of minutes.

Check it out:

Cheer up bro.  There’s always next year, although, I bet Leafs fans were probably thinking the same thing when Jeremy Roenick ended their 2004 playoff run with an overtime goal in Game 6 of their Eastern Conference semi-final series against the Flyers.

Hopefully it won’t be another nine year wait for their next shot at redemption.

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