Ice Climber Takes a Scary Fall Down the Side of a Mountain: POV Video

ice climber fall caught on helmet cam

I can think of lots of reasons why I don’t want to go ice climbing, starting with the fact that it’s cold and difficult. However, probably the number one reason I have no interest in this extreme activity would have to be the constant risk of a horrible, brutal death. And if you’re like me, then the following video certainly won’t allay your concerns.

What we have here is footage taken by some ice climber’s helmet cam. Presumably, the guy was wearing said helmet cam to capture the awesomeness of his adventure, but of course, all it really ended up catching was his terrifying fall down the side of a jagged mountain.

Take a look for yourself. The fall begins around the 30 second mark, when a chunk of ice comes flying down toward the lens.

Yeah, holy f#@$!& sh*# is right. That was absolutely terrifying. I think I’ll definitely stick to safe sports suitable for a lazy chicken like myself. Sports like fishing.

Oh, wait

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