Latino Band Plays Gig in Rays Clubhouse Before Game Against the Red Sox (Video)

latino band plays rays clubhouse before game

The Tampa Bay Rays do not operate under ideal conditions. They play in a market that has a luke-warm interest in baseball at best, and they play in a stadium that most minor league teams would find unsuitable. Nevertheless, they’ve managed to become an extremely successful franchise in recent years.

The key to their success? Thinking outside the box. Just about everything the organization does is unorthodox, from the way they continually let big free agents walk after playing out their contracts, to the way they wear faux throwback uniforms, or the way they keep things loose in the clubhouse by having Latino bands play gigs there before games.

What’s that about Latino bands, you ask? Well you see, before yesterday’s game against the Boston Red Sox at Tropicana Field in Tampa, the Rays had Latino band Sol Caribe set up in their locker room and play a gig. And yes, there was dancing.

This kind of thing would distract most teams from their game-preparation rituals, but for the Rays it works. They went on to beat the Sox, 5-3.

Take a look at the video:

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