This Thai Boxing Knockout Looks Like Something Out of a Movie (Video)

thai boxing knockout

If you’ve watched Bloodsport, the Rocky series, or any other boxing, kickboxing or martial arts movie, you are probably well aware of what a fake punch looks like.  You know, the one that knocks an opponent off their feet, before sending their lifeless body to the canvas?  Well, apparently, sometimes that sort of knockout punch takes place in real life, too.

Those in attendance for some amateur Thai boxing match (seen below) witnessed just that, as the dude in the blue trunks and gloves unleashes a flurry on his opponent before sending him soaring off the ropes and to the mat with one final devestating right-left combo.

Check it out:

So what do you think?  Was that real?  Or were those two dudes just putting on an act?

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