Viral Photo: Kid Steps in to Break Up Argument Between Coach and Referee

kid breaks up fight between coach and referee

There are lots of reasons why we make kids play sports. It’s fun for them, it’s good for them, and it helps them make friends. However, perhaps the most important reason we have kids play sports is that it provides a way to teach them valuable life lessons and instill good values. Through sports, we can teach them about the importance of hard work, fairness, teamwork, and how not everything is going to go their way in life.

Of course, all of this is why we get so upset when we see coaches and parents behaving poorly at youth sporting events. When coaches attack referees, or when parents attack each other, we always say something to the effect of, “what kind of example is that setting for the kids?”

Fortunately, sometimes the kids learn some valuable lessons in spite of their misbehaving coaches and parents. And when that happens, it’s the children who do the teaching.

This photo is proof of that. It comes to us from a youth soccer game over the weekend on the Spanish island of Gran Carina, and it shows a five-year-old kid named Alejandro Rodriguez Macias stepping in between his coach and the referee as the two argue on the field.

Is that classic, or what?

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