Celebration Fail: Korean Baseball Player Prematurely Celebrates Home Run, Watches in Horror as it Turns into Pop Fly (Video)

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I’m not one of those stuffy old baseball types who thinks celebrations should be reserved for the clubhouse. However, I do believe that there is a time and a place for everything, and that certain types of celebrations are just uncool.

Consider, for example, the home run celebration. It’s natural to be excited when you knock one out of the park at a very opportune time, so I’ve got no problem with a guy pumping his fists or jumping around a bit. That being said, it’s generally not a good idea to flip your bat and saunter out of the batter’s box like a pimp immediately after hitting the ball. For one thing, it’s disrespectful to the pitcher. If he did that every time he struck somebody out, he’d get smacked upside the head. More importantly, however, you need to be absolutely certain that the ball is actually going to leave the park before you start celebrating, because if it doesn’t, everyone will be laughing at you.

This was the case with Jeon Jun-woo of South Korea’s Lotte Giants this week. With his team trailing the NC Dinos, 6-4, in the bottom of the ninth with a man on and one out, Jun-woo hit was he thought was a game-tying home run. So he flipped the bat, pointed to the dugout, and strutted out of the box—all before the ball ran into some wind and died right at the warning track, where it was caught by the left fielder.

The Dinos’ bullpen? They thought it was hilarious. Take a look:

And that, children, is why you just put your head down and trot when you think you’ve hit a home run.

Thanks for the laugh, Jun-woo. I needed that.

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