Craig Sager Videobombs Will Smith During Heat-Bulls Game (Video)

craig sager videobomb

According to “Know Your Meme,” photobombing is described as, “a practical joke that involves trespassing and posing distraction in the background during a shoot, otherwise known as ruining someone else’s picture,” and it originated back in 2008.  But what sets it apart from practically every other internet meme is its longevity.

Unlike Tebowing, Te’oing and planking, which all seem to have had their brief moment in the spotlight before fading away into the sunset, photobombing doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.  Heck, even old people are doing it!

Take Craig Sager, for example.  Dudes that old rarely latch on to internet fads, but after five years of watching photobombing take lace all around him, he finally decided to become a part of it all by videobombing Will Smith and his son, Jaden, during last night’s Bulls-Heat game.

Check it out:

We see you Craig.  How could we miss you in that stupid jacket?


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