Dunk Fail: Florida Student’s Jam Goes Horribly Wrong (Video)

dunk fail florida

Most NBA players make dunking a basketball look so easy, but believe me when I tell you that it’s not.  In addition to being tall enough with a high enough vertical to actually reach the basket in the first place, you also have to be able to grip the ball with one hand and your timing has to be right.

As for the dude in the video below, well, let’s just say he lacked each of the aforementioned necessities to dunking a basketball.  For starters, he didn’t have enough height or hops to reach the basket on his own, so he used the back wall to assist him, which didn’t work out so well.  Secondly, his grip on the orange wasn’t all that secure, as the ball went soaring out of his hands once he approached the rim.  And finally, his timing was way off.

The result?  A nasty, face-first spill onto the court.  Check it out:

I’m not sure what sucks more for this dude: the pain from that fall, or the fact that it was all caught on camera.

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