The 13 Best Game 7s in the History of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

best game 7s nhl stanley cup playoffs

This week we were treated to two Game 7s in the Stanely Cup Playoffs. One of them was between the Rangers and Capitals; the other was between the Bruins and Leafs. And while the former was a boring blowout—sorry, Capitals fans—the latter, on first glance, was an all-time classic. Or at least it that’s how it seemed at the time. The real question is whether Game 7 between the Bruins and Leafs would still seem great when held up to other classic Game 7s throughout the history of the NHL.

So this week I decided to take a look at the most famous Game 7s in NHL history, make a list, and see where the Bruins-Leafs tilt ranks. The results? Well, it turns out that, compared to other great Game 7s, the one we saw this week was pretty darn good. And just in case you’re skeptical, today I present you with my list of the top 13.

Obviously, you might disagree with the way I’ve ordered them, but I think pretty much everyone can agree that all of these are worthy of recognition. So take a look and, of course, if there are others you think merit consideration, let us know in the comments section.


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