This Video of an Acrobatic Rodeo Clown Will Make Your Day (Video)

dusty rode clown backflip

I always thought rodeo clowns were like the cheerleaders of rodeos, just there to distract the bulls when riders fall and then keep the crowd entertained in between events. However, it turns out that they actually have rodeo clown competitions at rodeos now. They call such events “freestyle bullfighting,” but basically they’re just guys dressed up in goofy outfits running around the ring, evading bulls in creative ways.

I learned about “freestyle bullfighting” from the following video, which is absolutely amazing. It features a rodeo clown named Dusty Teckness from Meeteetse, Wyoming, and old Dusty has some mad rodeo clowning skills. And by “mad rodeo clowning skills” I mean the guy starts off his performance by doing a backflip over the bucking bull, coming within an inch of getting kicked in the face.

Oh, and by the way, the Bull’s name is “E. Coli.”

Take a look:

I think I want to be a rodeo clown when I grow up.

Hat Tip – [Live Leak]

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