Mario Balotelli Finally Has a Twitter Account

mario balotelli celebration

Twitter is made for people like Italian soccer player Mario Balotelli—people with impulse control problems who regularly do and say crazy things. In the last year alone, this guy has stolen a camera from a Manchester City photographer, commissioned a life-sized statue of himself, and wagered sex with his girlfriend that Real Madrid wouldn’t come back against Dortmund in the Champions League semifinal.

However, while remaining brash and impulsive in every other aspect of his life, Balotelli has apparently been a little too cautious to get on Twitter. Meanwhile, innumerable accounts have been created with various handles purporting to be Super Mario, and these impostor accounts have attracted thousands of gullible followers.

Today, however, we can tell you that Super Mario is finally on Twitter. The news was officially confirmed by his club, AC Milan. The account has been active for almost exactly 24 hours now, and he’s already got—are you ready for this?—over 260,000 followers.

And his handle? Appropriately enough, it’s @finallymario. So get ready for some crazy tweets!

Of course, right now he’s still getting the hang of things. So things have been pretty tame so far. However, Mario did manage to strike up a little exchange with his buddy, Brazilian superstar Neymar:

mario balotelli tweets

And he’s also already figured out how to mess with his followers. About three hours into his Twitter existence, the guy tweeted a link with the description, “Me and my miss eh eh!” So, logically, everyone probably assumed he was talking about the lovely Fanny Neguesha. What they got, however, was this:

balotelli and his dog
So go on over to Twitter and check out @finallymario. This should be good.

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