Vitor Belfort KO’s Luke Rockhold With a Spinning Heel Kick (GIF)

vitor belfort spinning heel kick ko

Those who were wondering whether former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort still “had it” at the age of 36 were given a definitive answer during the main event of Saturday’s UFC on FX, as “The Phenom” knocked Luke Rockhold out with a perfectly executed spinning heel kick, followed by a flurry of punches.  That first round stoppage against the last Strikeforce Middleweight Champion was Belfort’s ninth victory in his last eleven bouts, and it was probably his most impressive of the bunch.

Check it out:

As you probably already assumed, that incredible display of skill earned Vitor Belfort, “Knockout of the Night” honors, and it could also earn him another title shot against the current UFC Middleweight Champion, Anderson Silva.  Belfort only has two losses in his last eleven bouts, and one of those was against “The Spider”—the other coming against UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon “Bones” Jones.  But some believe that Vitor is a much more well-rounded fighter now, compared to the Vitor that was knocked out by a front kick from Silva in the first round of their UFC 126 bout back on February 5, 2011.

Whether Dana White agrees remains to be seen, but if Belfort is thinking about putting together a campaign video to send over to the UFC President, he may want to lead things off with this spinning heel kick KO.

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