Jack Hoffman Rookie Card Sold for $6,100 for Charity, But the Winning Bidder Won’t Pay Up

jack hoffman rookie card copy

Remember the story of Jack Hoffman, the brave little seven-year-old battling brain cancer who got to play in the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ spring game and score a touchdown?

Yeah, that was a pretty awesome story, and for a while it was getting even better. You see, Upper Deck produced a small batch of special edition rookie cards featuring Jack Hoffman with the idea being that he could auction them off to raise money for his cancer charity. Then Jack went and sold one of them on eBay for a whopping $6,100, which just warms the heart.

Unfortunately, according Mike Schnoor, who was handling the auction for the Hoffman family, the guy who won the eBay auction is refusing to pay up.  The reason?  The winner says somebody logged into his eBay account and bid on the card as a joke.

Haha. So f#@king funny.

Of course, this still has a potential for a happy ending. Maybe somebody looking to make a large charitable donation this year will stumble upon this story and buy the card. Like, maybe somebody who just won $690 million in the lottery.

jack hoffman rookie card

Hat Tip – [Dr. Saturday]

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