Another F-Bomb Tirade From an LFL Coach (Video)

chicago bliss lfl head coach keith hac

The NFL is no stranger to mic’ing up players and coaches during games, but they also tend to do their part to bleep out or completely eliminate any expletives from making it on air, thus, ensuring that their broadcasts remain safe for younger ears.

As for the Legends Football League, well, let’s just say that they don’t quite hold themselves to the same standards as the NFL when it comes to keeping their content clean.

We’ve seen it before when we were given an inside look at the Seattle Mist’s locker room, and we’re seeing it again, this time courtesy of Chicago Bliss head coach Keith Hac, who was mic’d up for his team’s week 6 contest against Las Vegas.

Check it out (at your own risk, of course, as there is plenty of NSFW language):

I sure hope Keith wasn’t serious about “f*&king slapping” his quarterback, Heather Furr, in the face, else he could be making the career transition from LFL coach to prison inmate.

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