Shocking POV Video: BASE Jumper Falls 1000-Feet Following Parachute Failure

base jump parachute fail matthew gough

BASE jumping may seem like a fun idea to some, but not to me.  Sure, it must be exhilarating to feel the wind blow against your face as you glide freely through the air before safely landing with the aid of a parachute, but what happens when that parachute fails?  Suddenly, BASE jumping doesn’t seem like much fun now, does it?

I doubt it was fun for British daredevil Matthew Gough, who lived through such a nightmarish scene when his parachute got twisted during a 1000-foot jump off a cliff in Lake Grada, Italy.  And his 40 mph fall down the rocky cliff was all captured on camera.

Check it out:

Thankfully, Matthew was somehow able to escape the incident with only minor injuries to his lower extremities.  And if you thought this would end his BASE jumping career, think again:

“Some jumps I may not do, I may avoid the more technical ones but I will carry on jumping, my parents are desperate for me to stop, but I fully accept the dangers of this sport and don’t expect any sympathy.”

From the looks of it, Matthew’s story will end with either a long, successful career in BASE jumping, or a tragic death (hopefully the former, obviously), because if a 1000-foot fall from a cliff won’t stop him from BASE jumping again, nothing will.  Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Gough.

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