There’s a Kenny Powers Look-alike on the Florida State Baseball Team (Pics)

kenny powers cornrows

Nobody sent me the memo, but apparently sports doppelgängers are all the rage this year. First came the Paul MacLean look-alike, then the Evolution of Jagr guys, then the Scott Hartnell twin, and then the Bieber-double at Chase Field.

So what’s next in the world of sports look-alikes? How about a Kenny Powers doppelgänger.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is. Senior Florida Seminoles pitcher Scott Sitz has cultivated a look that seems to emulate the fictional Kenny Powers, who is played by Danny McBride on HBO’s Eastbound and Down.

See for yourself:

kenny powers doppelganger 1

kenny powers doppelganger 2

Obviously Sitz isn’t Kenny Powers’ twin. In fact, he kind of looks like a combination of Powers and Joba Chamberlain. However, it’s still pretty good. And no, Sitz doesn’t mind the comparison at all. In fact, he’s the one who tweeted that top picture after seeing it on ESPN U.

So hats off to the guy. Someone should go on over to the Twitters and tell him they want to see what he’d look like with cornrows.

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