‘Kronwalling’ Is All the Rage in Detroit (Video)


In Detroit, they sure do love watching dudes get “Kronwalled.” That’s when defenseman Niklas Kronwall obliterates an opponent with an epic open-ice hit, and it’s not to be confused with getting “cornholed,” which is…well, something very different.

The term originated a couple of years ago as fans started taking note of the six-foot Swede’s proclivity for delivering momentum-changing body checks. However, it wasn’t until Game 4 of Detroit’s opening round series against the Anaheim Ducks, when fans started chanting “YOU GOT KRONWALLED” after another big hit from Kronwall, that anybody outside Detroit caught on to the term.

Now TSN has produced a little segment on the Kronwalling phenomenon, and hockey fans everywhere suddenly know what it means to get “Kronwalled.”

Take a look:

So there you have it. Go tell all your friends that you, too, enjoy watching big burly hockey players get Kronwalled.

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