Sergio Garcia Makes Racist Reference to Fried Chicken in Response to Question About Tiger Woods

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That Sergio Garcia sure is a man of the world. Not only is the Spaniard familiar with the racist phrases and stereotypes of his own country; he’s familiar with the racist phrases and stereotypes of other countries as well.

We know this, of course, because on Tuesday night Garcia employed one of these “racist stereotypes of the world”—a decidedly American one—to take his little feud with Tiger Woods to a whole other level.

At a European Tour awards dinner in Virginia Water, England, some reporters jokingly asked Sergio if he’d be inviting Tiger to dinner some time during next month’s U.S. Open—a reference to the dispute the two players had at the Players Championship a few weeks ago. And in response, Sergio pulled a Fuzzy Zoeller, saying, “We’ll have him round every night. We’ll serve fried chicken.”

And…cue the crickets.

Now, just in case you’re not like Sergio and are not well-versed in the offensive racial stereotypes of the world, that whole “fried chicken” thing is a racist stereotype of African-Americans that goes back a long way. There is, of course, nothing inherently wrong with liking fried chicken; however, in this case the stereotype is inextricably linked to other, nastier stereotypes. Thus, today, a reference to an African-American’s supposed fondness of fried chicken is a kind of euphemistic code for something a lot worse.

So yeah, Sergio has really stepped in it, now. A petty little feud over whether Tiger Woods intentionally interrupted Garcia’s swing at The Players Championship—which he couldn’t possibly have done because he wasn’t even playing on the same hole, and all he did anyway was pull a club out of his bag, causing the crowd to go nuts—has escalated into good old-fashioned racism.

Sergio has said he is sorry for the mixup, of course. “I apologize for any offense that may have been caused by my comment on stage during the European Tour Players’ Awards dinner,” he said. “I answered a question that was clearly made towards me as a joke with a silly remark, but in no way was the comment meant in a racist manner.”

But is anyone really buying the notion that he “in no way” intended his comment to be racist? That it’s just an unlucky coincidence that the first food that popped into his head happened to be a fried chicken?

I doubt it.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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