Tony Allen’s Acting During the Final Minute of Last Night’s Spurs-Grizzlies Game Was Oscar-Worthy (Video)

tony allen flop and acting

Say what you want about the Memphis Grizzlies’ Tony Allen—he’s a flopper and a ridiculous actor—but at least the guy always knows the score.

Last night in San Antonio, during Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and Grizzlies, a steal off Manu Ginobili at center court sent Tony Allen in for a layup and a chance to make it a two-point game with just 26 seconds left in the game. However, Ginobili wisely fouled Allen to prevent the guaranteed two points.

And that’s when Tony Allen, the thespian, took over for Tony Allen, the NBA basketball player.

After the foul, which was hard but not flagrant, Allen’s 6’4″ fram hit the ground hard. Then he writhed around in agony like some sad little soccer player, holding his head just long enough to get the referees to call a flagrant foul.

Was it a smart play? Sure. Allen knew that if the refs called a flagrant his team would get the free throws—which Allen nailed—and possession. This helped the Grizzlies tie the score and push the game into overtime.

However, the play was also pretty unsportsmanlike. And given the NBA’s new super-strict anti-flopping penalties in place for the playoffs, it’s probably going to cost Allen a nice chunk of change.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Watch the whole thing for yourself:

Way to go, refs. We haven’t seen such terrible judgment about acting since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave Marisa Tomei an Oscar for My Cousin Vinny.

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