Houston Astros Food Vender Fired After Placing Tray of Snow Cones on Bathroom Floor While Using Bathroom (Video)

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Okay, it’s quiz time. Suppose you are carrying a tray of snow cones up and down the aisles of a Major League ballpark, because that’s your job, when suddenly you realize you kinda have to take a dump. Do you (a) hold it until your regularly scheduled bathroom break; (b) leave the stands immediately for the bathroom, dropping your tray of snow cones off at snow cone headquarters on the way; or (c) just bring those babies right into the bathroom with you and set them on the floor next to you while you take care of business?

The correct choice, of course, is anything but Option C. Nevertheless, on Monday, that is exactly what one food vendor at Minute Maid Park in Houston did. And the craziest thing is that the guy didn’t use some private employees-only bathroom or something. He used the same bathroom that everybody else uses—which means, yes, it was caught on tape.

Take a look:

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All I can say is thank God the guy filming the video went and found an usher right away, instead of letting the idiot vendor return to work first.

Oh, and yes, obviously, whoever this genius was got fired immediately by Aramark, the Astros’ food service provider.

Hat Tip – [Houston Chronicle]

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