Miguel Cabrera Pop Fly Hits Michael Bourn’s Glove and Goes Over the Wall for a Home Run (Video)

michael bourn home run fail

Indians center fielder Michael Bourn wasn’t just the best center fielder in baseball last year. He was one of the best defensive players at any position. The guy had a defensive WAR of 3.0, and only two players in all of Major League Baseball were rated better than that—and both of those were shortstops.

Unfortunately, even the best players run into some crazy bad luck sometimes. And last night, facing the Detroit Tigers, Bourn’s number was up.

With the Tigers up two in the top of the 8th, one on and one out, reigning AL MVP and professional hot chick detector, Miguel Cabrera, corked a long fly ball to the base of the wall out in center field. Probably 99 times out of 100, Bourn would have made the catch for the out. But on this occasion the ball hit the palm of his glove and bounced over the wall for a two-run homer.

Take a look:

Remember this play, kids. If Miguel Cabrera should happen to win the triple crown again this year, it could very well end up being because of this play.

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