The Pacers Were Dealt Metaphorical and Literal Shots to the Groin by the Miami Heat Last Night (GIFs)

norris cole nutshot

Last night in Miami, the Indiana Pacers fought tooth and nail to push Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals to overtime, only to concede an uncontested game-winning layup to LeBron James in the final seconds of the game. So I bet if you asked them how that felt, they’d say it felt like a hard shot to the nuts. And they would be speaking from recent experience, of course, because they got a couple of those last night, too.

That’s right. As if LeBron’s metaphorical nutshot wasn’t bad enough, the Pacers were also dealt a couple of literal nutshots by second-stringers Shane Battier and Norris Cole.

The victim of Battier’s strategically placed knee was none other than big man Roy Hibbert. Fortunately, he took the brunt of the impact on his pelvis, and not his junk:

shane battier knees pacers player in nuts

The victim of Cole, meanwhile, was David West. Cole dealt him a straight punch to the groin while driving past him toward the baseline:

norris cole gives nutshot

Yikes. If I were the Heat, I’d be on the lookout for more than one form of retribution from the Pacers in Game 2.

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