Another Day, Another Amazing Playoff Goal by Sidney Crosby (Video)

amazing sidney crosby goal

How good was the goal Sidney Crosby scored against the Ottawa Senators last night? So good that it’s the only one of the Penguins’ seven that anyone will ever remember.

After coming out on top in a must-win Game 3 earlier this week, the Sens managed to get to the third period of Game 4 down by just one. So another big win was within reach…until the Penguins hit the throttle and netted four third period goals in a span of eight minutes, squashing all of Ottawa’s Stanley Cup hopes and dreams in the process.

Crosby’s wonder-goal was the third goal in that onslaught, coming just 31 seconds after the second. Take a look:

Bad defense? Of course. But still, there aren’t many players in the world who can score backhanders like that. So if you’re poor Senators goalie Craig Anderson, there’s certainly no reason to hang your head. It wasn’t the first incredible goal Sid “the (Maturing) Kid” has scored in these Stanley Cup Playoffs, and it almost certainly won’t be the last.

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