Angry and Presumably Drunk Jays Fan Throws Full Can of Beer at Baltimore’s Nate McClouth (Video)

jays fan throws beer at nate mcclouth

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve seen any wacky antics from Toronto Blue Jays fans. So maybe you thought all the heat they were taking encouraged them to reform their ways and dial it down a notch.

But no. They’ve just been regrouping. Last night, with the Orioles in town for the Battle of the Birds, they were back at it. And this time somebody did something dangerously stupid.

In the bottom of the 6th, Baltimore left fielder Nate McLouth made a nice running grab on a pop fly off the bat of Colby Rasmus. McClouth’s momentum took him up and over the wall and into the first row of seats, but he managed to escape without injury.

That’s not where it ended, however. The fans in that section seemed to believe that McLouth had dropped the ball as he was going over the wall, and were signaling as much to the umps. Then, when the umps ruled it was a catch anyway, one angry Jays fan in the upper deck decided to take revenge on McLouth by throwing a beer at him. And I’m not talking a half full cup of beer. I’m talking a mostly full can, which came screaming down toward the turf like a rocket.

Take a look:

And for a better look at the impact of the brewsky, here’s an animated GIF:

jays fan throws beer at nate mcclouth

Now that is some scary sh*t. If that can had hit anybody it would have done some serious damage.

Hopefully the idiot who threw that beer got ratted out by the more level-headed fans in his section.

Hat Tip – [Gamereax]

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