MMA Ring Girl Jade Bryce May Not Be Good at Impressions, but She’s So Hot that You’ll Watch Her Do Them Anyway (Video)

jade bryce mma immitations

Do you count yourself among the legions of men who are fans of MMA ring girl (and, uh hem, Playboy Cybergirl) Jade Bryce? If so, then you’re really going to enjoy this video she made with the good folks over at CagePotato, in which she does her best MMA impressions. And no, it’s not because the impressions are particularly good or funny. It’s just because, in the video, Jade Bryce is as hot as ever.

And what kinds of “MMA impressions” does Jade do, you ask? Well, the Bellator ring girl reenacts various MMA moments—from funny knockout faces to funny fans—that happened to go viral.

But don’t worry too much about that. The video will explain it all. Just watch:

When it comes to impressions, Jade Bryce isn’t exactly Frank Caliendo. But of course, Franke Caliendo is no Jade Bryce when it comes to being a hot babe. So, you know, things kind of even out.

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