Pigeon Comes within an Inch of Getting Run Over by Race Car at Monaco GP2 Series Qualifying (Video)

pigeon nearly run over by race car

If you like watching cute little creatures getting run over by race cars, this video is not for you. If, on the other hand, you like watching little creatures almost getting run over by race cars…well, you’re weird. But I do have a video to show you.

On Thursday, during a qualifying run in advance of the GP2 Series race in Monaco this weekend, a bold and fearless pigeon said, “F#@k it, I’m going to go get that crumb down there on the track. Race cars be damned.”  So he went to get that crumb. And in the course of doing so, the pigeon came within an inch of getting liquefied by the tire of Team Carlin driver Felipe Nasr.

Fortunately, the pigeon’s near-death experience was all caught by the SkySports super slow-motion cameras. Take a look:

Of course, despite the fact that he survived, I still feel bad for the pigeon. Poor guy probably saw his whole life flash before his eyes, only to realize that all he really does is crap all over everything.

Hat Tip to reader Mike.

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