Royals Fan Runs onto Field and Steals Rosin Bag from Pitching Mound (Video)

kansas city royals fan runs onto field

I know we’re supposed to disapprove of fans running onto the field. We’re supposed to wag our metaphorical fingers at them and say they are a disgrace. But I can’t do it. Do I sympathize with the players, who probably experience a little rush of anxiety every time some goofball has a few too many beers and decides to make the night interesting? Sure. But is it really a disgrace? No, not really. Somebody taking their shirt off and running up the aisle of a church during a funeral—that would be a disgrace. But interrupting a baseball game? That’s just dumb.

So we level-headed people are in a real bind when it comes to fans running onto the field. On the one hand, such incidents can actually be pretty amusing. On the other hand, if you admit as much, you risk encouraging this sort of thing, in which case people might do it too often and it will cease to be funny.

All that being said, I’m just going to come out and say that the case we have for you today is pretty damned amusing. It comes to us from last night’s Royals-Angels game in Kansas City. During the bottom of the 8th inning, one spritely Royals fan decided it was time for an adventure, so he ran out onto the field.

The highlight? He made it all the way to the pitchers mound and eluded a cop with a deft slide, then stole the rosin bag before getting his just deserts (off camera).

Take a look:

Funny, right?

But, yes, also a shameful, shameful travesty.

Hat Tip – [Larry Brown Sports]

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