11 Hall of Fame Hockey Players Who Became NHL Head Coaches

nhl hall of fame players turned coaches

Last week the Colorado Avalanche announced that Patrick Roy, the Hall of Fame goaltender who led the franchise to two Stanley Cup championships, was returning to the franchise as vice president of hockey operations…and head coach. Obviously, the move is two-pronged. On the one hand, it generates publicity and interest among a fanbase that is losing interest with each losing season. On the other hand, it gets the attention of Colorado’s core of young players. When a four-time Con Smythe Trophy winner says “this is how you win big games,” you tend to believe him.

But does success as a player guarantee success behind the bench? Today we’ll answer that question by taking a look at other hockey Hall of Famers who tried their hand at coaching in the NHL. Does history suggest Roy will be a success for the Avalanche? Click on to find out.


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