Arjen Robben’s Shot to Dortmund Keeper’s Face Sums Up Champions League Final (GIF)

robben shot to face

Some people were probably disappointed that Barcelona and Real Madrid didn’t get the chance to meet in the final of the UEFA Champions League, and on one level that’s understandable. These two teams are basically the Red Sox and Yankees of the soccer world right now, and such a final would have pitted Lionel Messi against Cristiano Ronaldo. So it sounds great on paper.

In reality, though, it was probably better that the Spanish clubs were ousted by Germany’s Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Not only is the German style of soccer more exciting (if less successful) than the Spanish game (cue angry soccer debate), but in practice the all-German final on Saturday at Wembley Stadium was just flat-out awesome. After almost an hour of exciting back-and-forth play, Bayern took a 1-0 lead. Then, Dortmund scored the equalizer off a penalty kick in the 66th minute. And, finally, Bayern’s Arjen Robben scored the game-winning goal just seconds before the 90-minute mark.

Soccer fans couldn’t have asked for more. Don’t believe it? Then take a look at the highlights…

No, I’m totally kidding. Highlights from a European soccer game? That’s rich. UEFA would never allow that. They have a team of blood-sucking lawyers scouring the internet to make sure fans never see highlights from their games.

So can we show you how the game played out? No. But we can show you a GIF that perfectly summarizes the outcome. Take a look:

robben shot hits goalie in the face champions league final

That’s Dortmund goalie Romen Weidenfeller taking a shot from Arjen Robben right in the kisser in the 42nd minute. No goal was scored on the play, but it did foreshadow what was to come—redemption for Robben (after choking on a PK in last year’s UCL final), and despair for Dortmund.

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