Brewers Sideline Reporter Sophia Minnaert Gets Hit by Ball, Carries on Like a Boss (Photo)

Sophia Minnaert sideline reporter

If a baseball player gets hit in the arm by a fastball or a hard line drive, he’ll probably wince in pain and require a visit from the medical staff and several minutest to shake it off, if he even decides to continue at all.  And if a soccer player were to take such a shot, he’d probably be immediately pronounced dead on the field.

As for Brewers sideline reporter Sophia Minnaert, she took a similar shot, unexpectedly, while providing an update during Saturday’s game against the Pirates.  But rather than succumbing to the pain, she shook it off, picked up the microphone and continued her report.  She even waved off a Brewers trainer when offered medical attention following her segment.

Check it out:

That, my friends, is what you call, “Sideline reporting like a boss.”

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