Danica Patrick Knocked Out of Coca-Cola 600 by Her Own Boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse. Awkward! (Video)

ricky stenhouse crashes into danica patrick

Think Ricky Stenhouse is going to take it easy on Danica Patrick out on the NASCAR track just because the two of them are an item now? Think again. Danica and Ricky may have a nice rapport in the boudoir*, but when it comes to driving stock cars, they are all business.

Just take a look at what happened during Sunday night’s Coca-Cola 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. With only 82 laps to go, Patrick, Stenhouse, and 2012 Sprint Cup champ Brad Keselowski were going along three wide with Danica in the middle and slightly behind, when Stenhouse gently nudged her into Keselowski. The two of them then hit the wall, which knocked Keselowski out of the race immediately and contributed significantly to Danica’s KO 68 laps later.

Take a look:

Knocked out of the race by your own boyfriend? That had to sting.

I imagine it was probably a pretty awkward ride home for Danica and Ricky. The next day Ricky probably sent her whatever the NASCAR equivalent of long-stemmed roses happens to be—a case of Jack Link’s, perhaps?

*I have no idea if they have a nice rapport in the boudoir. I just wanted to use the phrase “rapport in the boudoir.”

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