Gruesome Images: Hulk Hogan Almost Loses Hand, Tweets Pictures

hulk hogan

Hulk Hogan celebrated Memorial Day in the hospital after he nearly blew his hand off on Sunday in Tampa.

According to Hogan, via Twitter, a radiator exploded in the WWE Hall of Famer’s hand, resulting in severe burns and a trip to the emergency room.

Here’s what Hogan’s hand looked like immediately following the incident.  (Gruesome Photo Warning!!!):

hulk hogan burned hand 1

And here’s what it looked like the following day.  (Another Gruesome Photo Warning!!!):

hulk hogan burned hand 2

Sorry if we just ruined your appetite for the next three days.  And Hogan is sorry, too, as he has since apologized for Tweeting the images after receiving feedback from some of his disgruntled (and disgusted) followers:

hulk hogan apology burned hand

You don’t have to apologize to us, Hogan.  We’re just happy to see that the Hulkster still has all of his limbs intact.

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